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Serving the nation from the Pacific Northwest.

NordiLusta is currently involved in two service lines. Its main line of service is the publication and management of web content. Its second line of service is Talent Acquisiton. These are services that the founders of NordiLusta have been involved with for more than 30 years. In the early 1980s the founders established a dial-up online information service hosted on a pair of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX-11/750 computer systems running VAX/VMS. Later they founded one of the largest Bulletin Board Systmes, the Liberty BBS, hosted on a network of Personal Computers with over 100 dial-up lines and nationwide access via Telnet. The founders were one of the early adopters of providing web based information services. In the mid-1990's they founded and that provide extensive information, travelogues, photos, and more all related to railroads and rail travel. Both of these websites still exist today and together enjoy more than 20,000 page visits per day by thousands of unique visitors.

NordiLusta has started a new set of web sites and web information services that will not be related to railroads or rail travel. As indicated below, some of these websites have already been launched with content growing daily. Others will be launched in the near future. Please visit the NordiLusta web sites listed below:

    Existing NordiLusta Web Sites With Content:

  • - A fan web site with information related to Peter Falk and the Columbo TV series.

  • - The web site of the Depot Inn & Suites hotel located in La Plata, Missouri.

  • - Businesses, entertainment, events and restaurants in Downtown Fullerton, California.

  • - philosophy of the world being an egg from which earth life will be born and expand into the universe.

  • - A list of great restaurants that have been visited and reviewed. Plans for this website include expanding the geographic area covered and expanding the information and depth of review of each restaurant, plus adding the ability of visitors to add their own reviews, comments and photos.

  • - A list of Indian Restaurants, mostly in California, that have been visited and reviewed. Plans for this website include expanding the geographic area covered and expanding the information and depth of review of each restaurant, plus adding the ability of visitors to add their own reviews, comments and photos.

  • - Businesses, entertainment, events and restaurants "In Town", Vancouver, Washington.

  • ( - A resource of jazz venues, jazz bands, and performance calendars, including reviews, photos, and visitor feedback. Venue menus will also be added shortly. Initially this website will only cover the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. Eventually we will be seeking volunteers to help expand the geographic coverage of this web site.

  • - Highlight images that were captured in 2010 from a live webcam of a pair of owls nesting in the attic of a house in Anaheim Hills, California. The sequence of images show mating, a nest full of eggs, the male bringing mice for the female to eat, the hatching of the eggs, and then an attic full of baby owls as they grow larger over a few months!

  • - Overview of all Silver Rails venues in La Plata, Missouri.

  • - A map, description and locations of Railroad and Tourist Attractions in Northeast Missouri.

  • - Wineries and wine tasting rooms of Southwest Washington state, especially near Vancouver in Clark County.

  • ( - A web site following the personal ownership experience of one Tesla owner and the enjoyment of traveling and touring by Tesla. The story starts from pre-EV experience, moves on the decision to purchase a Toyota Prius Hybrid Plug-In, then to a Tesla Model S 85, and finally to the current top of the line Tesla Model S P85D. The web site will also cover ownership and travel experiences in the Tesla Model X shortly after they start to be produced and delivered. Many photos will be included. Reader feedback will be welcome.

    Planned NordiLusta Web Sites With Limited or No Content Yet:

  • - Discussion and comments about non-duality.

  • - Businesses, entertainment, restaurants and community resources and events in Anaheim Hills, California.

  • BrianDrisko - Main web site for my pen name publications (which is based on my original birth name)

  • - Learning about the IPA (India Pale Ale) craft brew as well as other beers that appeal to those with a taste for IPA's.

  • - Discussion and comments regarding a point of view that the center of expistence and the purpose of the universe is not about oneself.

  • - The Tao of Liberty.

  • - Personal story of an adoptee reuniting with his birth family at age 52. Also included are reflections of the issues dealt with in the TV series Switched At Birth as it pertains to adoption and reunion.

  • - Silver Rails Vineyards - a new vineyard in the heart of Silver Rails Country adjacent to the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri.

  • - Silver Rails Wine Country - the wineries of Silver Rails Country located in Northeast Missouri.

  • - Learning about alcoholic spirits.

  • - A personal blog web site.

  • - A novice's guide to Las Vegas.

  • - Learning about wine.

  • - The misconceptions about who we really are, or are not.

The founders of NordiLusta have also been involved in talent acquisition since 1979. The company they founded grew to an in-house staff of dozens and a field staff of hundreds who provided engineering and programming services to many of the major aerospace and commercial firms throughout the nation. That company was sold in 2013. NordiLusta does not plan to build its own in-house staff but rather to just use its knowledge and experience of talent acquision to continue to service businesses across the nation. Please click here for more information on this aspect of our business.


6400 NE Highway 99 G-149, Vancouver, WA 98665
Phone: 360-861-6041 * Fax: 360-326-1876

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